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The secret is in throwing a paint emotionally on canvas and removing what you don't like while leaving what is beautiful. You then repeat it until you get an artwork. 

"A bright new morning"
Colorful emotions

This is what I like most of all - emotions. Our regular daily life is a diverse mix of different feelings. Love, joy, desire, sadness and many others - all of them I try to catch and then express through colors and balanced harmonious forms. I use a palette knife and try to express emotions in fast large strokes so I do not lose the feelings and visions they have brought. I never plan ahead color variations and shades and I do not sketch faces since sketches are useless with very thick layers of paint. For me, all of these paintings are living a spontaneous process and clean improvisation.

My fantasy portraits rarely represent any particular person. Most of them are a mix of memories, impressions, and fantasies.

A series of my miniature fantasies. Don't underestimate them because of their size! :) It takes very accurate and enduring movements to bring each one to life. Even when they are 5x5 inches they still are full-fledged, with all the details, portraits.
Big city noises
"Prague. A view from the window"

There are places I've seen and I dream of, highlighted by colors and fast palette knife strokes they are part of how I see the world or what it to be like.

"Let me tell you a story..."
Travelling fantasy

My fantasy gives me very strange subject sometimes. But even if I do not know why am I dreaming about it at the moment, I still grateful for these visions and I capture them so they are not lost.
"Touch of the moon"

This artwork is made, how I call it, "by the state of mind". It is another style of mine, I like it very much because all secondary colors here are removed and only the main ones are left. It gives an opportunity to investigate and view an artwork "from the inside".

The night sky and the stars inspired me to create a series of paintings called: At the end of the Universe...
There will be 12 of them, one each month and in each one there will be a part of the message that can be read by studying the whole series. For inspiration, I go as far away from civilization as possible and stay alone, wrapped in the light of the moon and the stars.
The night always brings up a lot of questions and gives me the opportunity to lift the magical curtain and look beyond its edge.
Festive apples
New and unexplored

This is my new style of mixing the essence of seasons - I take colors, shades, shapes, and sounds of what I see and wave them in one.

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