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How to order and what to know
Why order a portrait?

Really, why order an artwork in the era of digital photos everyone can make? Funny, but this question is already an answer - an artwork, a portrait, is something very unique. It makes an unexpected, vibrant, memorable, and most welcome gift for anyone, yet it is very personal.  It is hand painted, it is unique and of most stunning style.

There's a belief shared by some people about commissioned artworks costs a fortune. Not at all! Well, they don't come for the price of a poster, but we definitely not talking about unimaginable prices here.
"Sherbet lemons"
"Facing the sun"
Where to start?

There are few pleasant and easy steps to take before I can start making an artwork for you.

First, I recommend you to browse my gallery so you can see and choose a style. Vibrant and bold, soft and romantic, abstract or even a fusion of styles - it's your call.

Next step is to prepare a photo, or several, of a person(s) you want to be painted. They do not necessarily have to be exactly the same angle as on the desired portrait, but the closer - the better.

And that concludes the preparations! Contact me if you haven't already and we will discuss all the details: style, poses, maybe some extra objects you wish to be there, price and canvas size. Once everything is settled, I start painting.
What's next?

Now, the most interesting part begins - the creation. While I paint an artwork, which takes about a week, I can, if you wish, send you pictures of a canvas "in process" from time to time.

That's up to you, some people like to follow the emerging of an artwork while others prefer to be surprised by the result straight away.

Once an artwork is ready, there's a waiting period to withstand before it is ready to be sent to you. That is because the paint has to dry and then a protective varnish should be applied - it's a very important process and this process cannot be sped up. It ensures an artwork is protected from dust, moisture, UV-rays and will please your eye for many, many years to come. 

This gives a small tip: if you wish to have your artwork done to some special date it is a good thing to plan ahead and order it well beforehand.
"A bright new morning"
And when it's done?

Ok, the painting is ready to be sent to you! To make sure it reaches you safe and sound I pack it very carefully. There are several protective layers: acid-free paper, bubble wrap, hermetically sealed polyethylene plastic cover and a protective bubble wrap again. This package then is placed inside a box with a more shock-absorbing material.

Finally, this box it is sent to you by courier service right to your doorstep. All you need now is to open the package and provide a wall with a nail - I send my artwork "ready to hang".

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