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Painting of a portrait)


My new studio

A timelapse of 3 hours work - a creation of a colorful fantasy portrait from scratch. Pure imaginary character, no model was present and no sketch was made. Just paints, canvas, and fantasy.

Making a fantasy portrait using a palette knife.

Live painting at a vernissage in Paris, at Carre d'Artistes gallery. A thrilling and inspiring experience,. This artwork is very special to me -  it was the first time in my life I went painting live, on the public, inside the gallery in Paris. Thrilling, inspiring, scary, exciting - all at the same time. This fantasy woman's emotion was not planned, the character has born completely spontaneously and since then exists only on this canvas.

120X120 Canvas

A little timelapse - a new 120x120 canvas. Hope to use my witchcraft and some of the oil paints to turn it into a colorful emotion.

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